Everything You Need To Know About Mini Service

Mini Maintenance Can Prevent Massive Repairs

Since it first came to America in 2001, Mini has been delighting drivers here. The brand offers an excellent combination of sportiness, economy, and practicality. Of course, like all cars, Minis need regular maintenance and servicing to keep them in their best state.

When Do Minis Need Servicing?

All recent models of Minis follow the same factory recommended service schedule. Bring it in every 10,000 miles for servicing. The onboard diagnostics provide notifications of when your vehicle is due for maintenance. As with all service schedules, what is involved in each schedule depends on the interval.

Keeping up with this schedule can help you avoid more substantial Mini repair bills. For example, neglecting your oil change intervals could cause serious damage to the engine.

I Lost My Manual, How Do I Know What Servicing I Need?

You can get a new owner’s manual from Mini of North America. Alternatively, call Northwest Imports at [as_phone] with your odometer reading and we can tell you when you will need another servicing.

There Are Lights Illuminated on my Dashboard, What Do They Mean?

Like other vehicles, Minis have a number of lights that may turn on to indicate the status of your vehicle. The check engine light, for example, could be set by various faults. If it is solid, bring your car in for servicing. If it is flashing, stop driving and call us for help.

The airbag light indicates that there is a fault with the airbags. Bring your vehicle to Northwest Imports promptly to get this checked because driving without functioning airbags in not smart. The oil light indicates a drop in oil pressure. Check your oil level and refill it if necessary before bringing your car for a check-up.

Some other lights may be less serious. For example, low tire pressure and low fuel are easy to fix at your local gas station. However, it is best to address problems with your Mini quickly to avoid bigger repairs later.

Get Servicing in Austin, Texas

If you are in Austin or the surrounding area, bring your Mini to Northwest Imports. Either stop by our convenient Pond Springs Road location or schedule an appointment online for your Mini repair and servicing needs.

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