Northwest Imports Is Now Hiring

Northwest Imports hiringDo you relish in a little grease or oil on your hands? Can you spot a transmission problem or recognize the signs of a faulty radiator fan? If you emphatically answered “yes,” then we want to hear from you. Northwest Imports is hiring and wants someone who knows his/her way around a wrench.

Northwest Imports Is Hiring a Full-Time Mechanic

Previous employment at an auto repair service is highly preferred. However, we will consider anyone that can demonstrate a high degree of competency and proficiency. We will also provide some training to show you how we do repairs the Northwest Imports way.

If you feel more at home working with tools than sitting in an office, then schedule an appointment with us.


Our ideal candidate has experience working with various car models and years. This includes domestic and foreign brands. Are you familiar diagnosing, say, a turbocharged diesel engine from a German brand such as VW and Audi? How about working under the hood of a Mercedes or Porsche?

Furthermore, applicants should also have experience:

  • Working on off-road, muscle, and pony cars
  • Working on classic models with retrofitted parts
  • Working on cars with aftermarket enhancements

In other words, your skills need to go beyond the basic oil or filter change. You need to be able to perform repairs beyond the capability of an average DIYer.

Skills aside, we are looking for people who know how to interact with customers in a professional and courteous manner. A career at Northwest Imports is about more than just using your mechanical know-how. It’s also about providing satisfactory customer experience.

Become a Member of Our Team

If you reside in Austin, TX, and believe you have the skillset and enthusiasm, then give us a call. Northwest Imports is hiring this summer. We are looking for someone to become a long-term member of our dedicated team.

Come Work with Us

Serving Customers in Austin, Pflugerville, Round Rock, Cedar Park, Wells Branch, Liberty Hill, Jollyville and Anderson Mill

Five Commonly Reported Mini Car Problems

Mini car problemsA Mini car is such a joy to own and drive. The car is renowned for its go-kart-like feel and handling. Nevertheless, owners have reported some common Mini car problems as their vehicle racks up the miles. We’ll go over the five most common issues.

1. Noisy Timing Chain

Owners have reported a rattling noise in the timing chain. The noise is especially apparent when the engine is idling. This issue often occurs when owners fail to regularly change the transmission fluid.

2. Transmission Problems

Mini has stated that its car transmissions are “sealed for life,” meaning they don’t require fluid changes ever. To prolong transmission life, we still believe transmission fluid replacement is necessary. This is especially true of Mini model years from 2008 and before. Fluid change intervals of about every 30,000 to 40,000 miles sounds about right. Continue Reading →

Keep Up With Minor and Major Scheduled Service on Your European Car

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Minor Scheduled Services for your European Car

When you buy a car, the owner’s manual will tell you how often you need to have the minor scheduled services performed, such as oil and filter changes. You will want to stick to this schedule; otherwise you run the risk of voiding your warranty.

Skipping your oil change can lead to other problems, too. For example, if the oil is unable to lubricate the engine and cool it properly, the engine will start running too hot. The engine will run less efficiently and its components will wear out more quickly than usual due to lack of lubrication. Continue Reading →