Expert BMW Repair and Service in Austin

BMW Repair and Service in AustinBMW owners pride themselves on the sophistication of one of the most recognized luxury vehicle brands in the world. These owners know how important it is to keep their car or SUV in tip-top running order. Northwest Imports specializes in German auto repair including BMW repair and service in Austin.

Truly Expert BMW Repair and Service in Austin

BMW Repair and Service in AustinThe team at Northwest Imports have one thing in common: a love of cars and providing impeccable customer service. When you leave your BMW with us, we’ll treat it with the same level of care and respect we would our own. We’ve provided over 30 years of BMW repair and service in Austin, and most of our work is guaranteed with a three-year, 36,000-mile warranty. The same standard of care applies to our care of Mercedes, Audi, Volkswagen, Porsche, Mini and Japanese vehicles.

Prevent Breakdowns & Heartbreak With Regular Service

You love your BMW and want it to run smoothly and strong for as long as possible. We’ll keep it properly maintained for you, and your new car warranty is safe with us.

  • Every 7,000 miles, have the oil and filters changed. We’ll also check your tires, belts, hoses and suspension.
  • Every 60,000 miles, have the engine, transmission and exhaust system inspected for leaks. We’ll also check the braking system and all fluid levels.
  • After 90,000 miles, in addition to the other usual components, have the spark plugs changed and body inspected.

Following a carefully regimented maintenance schedule will ensure your BMW operates smoothly and reliably for years to come. To learn more about our BMW repair and service offerings or to schedule an appointment, contact us today.

Knowledgeable BMW Service and Repair in Austin

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