Does the Condition of My Brake Fluid Affect How Well My Brakes Work?

Brake fluid keeps processes going smoothly by lubricating the pistons inside the hydraulic hoses connecting the master cylinder (where you can adjust pressure) to each wheel. Find out more about brake fluid and its performance.

How Does Brake Fluid Work?

Brake fluid works with the brake pad to slow and stop your vehicle. The brake fluid lets the caliper, or piston, move up and down inside the brake cylinder. As you press the brakes, brake fluid moves from the reservoir into the caliper or other braking device. One of two things happens — either a piston pushes the brake pad against a spinning disc or drum, slowing and eventually stopping it; or a mechanism inside of your car pushes on pistons attached to rotors.

What Is Brake Fluid?

Brake fluid is the liquid that is applied to your brakes — you can usually access it through the cap on your master cylinder and it has two main functions: first, it provides a medium for the transfer of heat from one part of the braking system to another. Second, it helps secure a layer of pad material to the rotating disc or drum. Because brake fluid is an essential component in proper braking performance, it's important to check this fluid regularly.

How Do I Know if My Brake Fluid Is Low?

The first thing you'll want to do is check the level in your car's brake reservoir. If it's low, add more fluid and ensure there aren't any leaks anywhere (if there are, get them fixed).

If your brake fluid is low, you can still drive your car, but if this happens frequently and repeatedly over time, it could indicate an underlying problem with your vehicle.

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