Audi Auto Repair Tips: Responding to an Overheating Engine in Jollyville

Northwest Imports Audi auto repair JollyvilleA chronically overheating engine in Jollyville generally means its time to schedule Audi auto repair. Ignoring this issue for too long can cause significant damage to your vehicle. If your car is overheating right now, however, a trip to a European auto shop will have to wait. Keeping these tips in mind will help keep you safe and prevent additional damage from developing. 

Turn Off Your Vehicle Immediately

Even if you’re only a few miles away from your destination, do not continue driving your vehicle if its engine is overheating. It can be tempting to drive to the nearest Audi auto shop for an appointment, but this isn’t recommended. 

Let Everything Cool Down

There’s actually nothing an Audi-trained auto technician could do right now anyway. Until your vehicle has cooled down, you’ll be unable to assess or address the issue. The radiator cap, in particular, is extremely hot and pressurized. Avoid touching it. 

Add More Coolant

If you have additional coolant with you, add some before continuing to drive your vehicle. Alternatively, make sure your Audi auto repair shop tops off your fluids once you arrive for service.

Looking for an Audi Auto Repair Shop near Jollyville?

If your vehicle is having issues overheating near Jollyville, count on the professionals at Northwest Imports for assistance. Our Audi auto shop is equipped to handle almost any issue, from routine maintenance to extensive repairs. You can also count on our technicians when you need assistance with BMW, Mercedes and Volkswagen makes and models. We also regularly offer maintenance and repair services for Porsche and Mini vehicles. Contact us to schedule an appointment for Audi auto repair today.

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