When to Schedule Mini Auto Maintenance for Your Engine in Wells Branch

Mini auto maintenance wells branchBefore engine trouble strikes in Wells Branch, schedule your Mini auto maintenance for preventive work. Avoid the possibility of expensive damage that might occur if you were to drive your vehicle despite these warning signs. Schedule an appointment with your local German auto shop as soon as you notice any of these issues:


A clear sign of engine trouble is sluggishness. Your German-made vehicle is made to go, so there’s obviously a problem when going gets tough. Difficulty accelerating is generally most noticeable on the highway. Take your car to a Mini auto maintenance shop for assessment right away.

Exhaust Changes

You may also notice that your vehicle’s exhaust has changed – your car will produce more or the exhaust will be a different color than normal. A Mini auto maintenance technician can determine whether engine problems are the cause.

Unfamiliar Sounds

Your vehicle is going to make some noise while you drive and that’s okay, but some sounds should be cause for alarm. Banging, for example, can mean there’s something wrong with your engine. If you begin hearing new or strange sounds of any kind, have it checked out.

Don’t Wait to Schedule Mini Auto Maintenance near Wells Branch

Don’t wait for issues with your engine to escalate. The pros at Northwest Imports have a reputation for providing a top-notch service experience. Our highly trained and certified mechanics have the knowledge, skills and equipment to assist with any maintenance and repair issue. We specialize in Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, Porsche and Mini vehicles, and have the expertise to work on any model. Contact us to have a technician take a look at your Mini’s engine today.

Mini Auto Maintenance Experts near Wells Branch

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