Necessary Volkswagen Auto Maintenance this Winter near Round Rock

Volkswagen auto maintenance round rockHave you scheduled the necessary Volkswagen auto maintenance to prepare for winter in Round Rock? Service is important year round, but colder temperatures can have a negative impact on your vehicle. Ensure your Volkswagen is ready by having these important components checked at your local German auto shop.


It’s not just the colder weather you have to worry about during the winter. Because days are shorter, have a Volkswagen auto technician check your vehicle’s lights. If any bulbs are out, make sure they are replaced. Driving with burned out head lights, signal lights, tail lights and/or brake lights is extremely hazardous and can result in an accident.


It’s also a good idea for German-made vehicle owners to have their batteries tested during the winter. Extreme temperatures can impact your car’s battery, especially the cold. Older batteries may work just fine in the summer, but suddenly fail in the winter. Don’t let yourself get stranded somewhere. Instead, have your maintenance shop test the voltage of your battery and replace it if it’s low.

Cooling System

Your engine can still overheat during the winter. Have a auto maintenance technician complete a thorough examination of your cooling system. Inquire about coolant levels and ensure your vehicle isn’t leaking antifreeze. Cooling system issues can quickly lead to expensive Volkswagen auto repair

Ready to Schedule Volkswagen Auto Maintenance near Round Rock?

Count on the highly trained and certified professionals at Northwest Imports to complete all your necessary Volkswagen auto maintenance this winter. Round Rock residents trust us to work on every make and model, but our experienced team specializes in Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, Porsche and Mini vehicles. Contact us today!

Volkswagen Auto Maintenance Center near Round Rock

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