Five Commonly Reported Mini Car Problems in Austin

Mini car problems AustinA Mini car is such a joy to own and drive. The car is renowned for its go-kart-like feel and handling. Nevertheless, owners have reported some common Mini car problems as their vehicle racks up the miles. We’ll go over the five most common issues.

1. Common Mini Car Problem: Noisy Timing Chain

Owners have reported a rattling noise in the timing chain. The noise is especially apparent when the engine is idling. This issue often occurs when owners fail to regularly change the transmission fluid.

2. Transmission Problems

Mini has stated that its car transmissions are “sealed for life,” meaning they don’t require fluid changes ever. To prolong transmission life, we still believe transmission fluid replacement is necessary. This is especially true of Mini model years from 2008 and before. Fluid change intervals of about every 30,000 to 40,000 miles will prolong the life of your transmission.

3. Broken Radiator Support

The radiator support is a plastic piece that protects the radiator, condenser, and fan. The radiator sits low and is susceptible to damage from even a minor impact. A broken radiator support also puts these components, the condenser and fan, at risk. All Mini repairs should include checking the support for cracks.

4. Failed Electric Power Steering

Many Mini owners report the power steering failing after several thousand miles. When the power steering pump fails, you should also check the cooling fan and related components.

5. Failed Variable Valve Timing (VVT)

The VVT fails prematurely due to lack of interval oil changes. Sludge buildup ends up blocking the VVT’s small passageways. The detergent from fresh oil should be able to clear the passages.

We Diagnose Mini Car Problems

As a European brand, Mini vehicles may not receive adequate care from a regular auto station. Repairs require German auto servicing. Schedule an appointment with Northwest Imports to address common Mini car problemsContact us today!

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