Why Is My VW Making Rattling Noise?

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Some owners have reported a rattling sound in their Volkswagen vehicle. Of course, such a sound is always worrisome and can occur in any car. However, we have noticed this trend is particularly common in VWs. Here’s why some VWs make a rattling noise and how to correct the issue.

The Problem

The issue occurs mainly in VW vehicles from model years 2008 to 2013 that are equipped with a 2.0 engine. Owners report a rattle just as they turn the ignition.

In most cases, the issue lies in the timing chain that has too much slack. This causes the chain to jump when you turn the ignition. The engine may even fail to start altogether.

The Primary Cause

The primary cause is often a faulty or broken timing chain tensioner. No one seems to know exactly why these critical components go bad. Surprisingly, VW has not issued a recall for this problem, nor is this issue covered in warranties. The problem can arise regardless of mileage on the vehicle.

Other Causes of Rattling Noise

Of course, rattling may not necessarily be due to a faulty timing chain. Another possible cause is a cracked flywheel or flexplate. When either is cracked, it begins to bend during acceleration.

Also, if you hear rattling while the car is at idle, then you may have a catalytic converter problem. Some people describe the noise as a clattering of metal rather than rattling. 

Regardless of cause, schedule an appointment right away. The problem is serious.

We Diagnose VW Rattling Noises

A rattling sound is not normal in any car, and especially not in German vehicles. Bring your car to Northwest Imports if the sound persists. A rattling noise in a VW indicates serious engine troubles and warrants immediate inspection.

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