Signs of Coil Pack Failure

coil pack

The coil pack is an essential component in Volkswagen and Audi vehicles. It’s also a part that car owners almost always overlook since most are unaware that such a component even exists. Learn to recognize the signs of coil pack failure.

What Is a Coil Pack?

A coil pack is also referred to as an engine coil. This is a bundle of spark coils that create the needed electric spark for igniting the fuel and firing the engine. Coil packs are especially common in modern German vehicles with a turbocharged direct injection engine. Coil packs eliminate the need for a distributor. The latter is prone to failure especially when exposed to water. Coil packs also have more longevity, up to 150,000 miles in some models.

Common Coil Pack Failure Symptoms

  • The engine idles roughly or stalls
  • The exhaust pipe emits smoke on an intermittent rather than steady basis
  • The gas warning light comes on despite having plenty of gasoline
  • The RPM drops significantly during acceleration
  • The engine roar sounds louder than usual
  • The check engine light blinks or randomly light on and off

Of course, many of these signs can also be symptoms of other issues. Engine stalling, for instance, is also a common sign of a worn fuel injector or pump. It might also be an indicator of a bad camshaft or be as simple as a dirty air filter. This is why you need to schedule an appointment with an auto service to pinpoint the issue. Even if not a coil pack issue, the symptoms indicate that some kind of problem exists.

We Repair Coil Packs

Bring your car to Northwest Imports if you notice any of the above symptoms. Coil pack problems are very difficult to diagnose for DIYers because the signs overlap with more commonplace problems. We can assess for coil pack failure and take immediate action.

Coil Pack Diagnosis

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