Four Common Reported Problems with the Porsche Boxster

Porsche Boxster problems

The Porsche Boxster is a vehicle that definitely turns heads. Unfortunately, like any other car model, it’s not without its issues. We examine some of the common Porsche Boxster problems many owners have reported over the years. These are the same problems we notice ourselves when working on this particular model. 

1. Oil Seal Failure

Many of the Porsche Boxsters we inspected had premature leaks around the main oil seal. The oil seal itself is not expensive to replace. However, accessing the part is problematic, requiring removal of the exhaust, bumper, transmission, and flywheel. Replacement is not exactly a DIY process.

2. Intermediate Shaft Bearing Failure

Some pre-2005 Boxster models have a single-row bearing for the intermediate shaft. We suggest a checkup of the area during a clutch inspection. Early diagnosis is vital. If the intermediate shaft goes out, then you might need a costly engine rebuild. Some models have a dual-row shaft bearing, which is far sturdier and less prone to premature failure. 

3. Broken Suspension Springs

The 2nd-generation model from 2005–2011 commonly had a broken spring on one side. This is easily noticeable as one corner of the vehicle will sag. You might also notice an out-of-place noise while driving. Immediately schedule an appointment if you notice these oddities. Driving with a broken spring can harm the wheel bearing.

4. Cracked Cylinders

A cracked cylinder is a fairly common Porsche Boxster problem, as is a failed water pump. While commonplace, if you buy a pre-owned Porsche Boxster, then chances are that the previous owner already addressed these issues. As long as you maintain these parts, then they’re capable of handling high mileage. 

We Fix Porsche Boxster Problems

We address common problems for all Porsche models. In fact, Northwest Imports services most German and European brands. The Porsche Boxster problems require immediate attention in order to ensure continued reliable function.

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