Five Common BMW Problems to Watch Out For

common BMW problemsCertain car models are prone to unique problems; BMW vehicles are no exception. For all its durability, German automotive engineering does have a few recurring problems. We outline these common BMW problems so you can watch for them in your vehicle.

1. Engine Troubles

BMW cars may experience failure due to a specific faulty part. This includes a faulty clutch, fuel pump, injector, and ignition module. If you notice engine stalling or if the check engine light comes on, bring the car to a German auto repair service.

2. Tire Puncture

Several people have reported a flat tire despite relatively new tires. The problem lies in the alloy wheels, which can crack and puncture the tire. Regularly check the alloy wheel for cracks and corrosion.

3. Electronic Issues

A BMW car may experience electronic issues over time. These may manifest in the form of problems with the window regulator, windshield wiper, iDrive, etc. Specific problems differ depending on the model year or vehicle series.

4. Faulty AC

When you turn on the AC, the compression may switch on for a few seconds and then abruptly shut down. This is an indicator of a problem with the ambient temperature sensor. A faulty sensor may produce a low temperature reading, which then causes the compressor to automatically shut down.

5. Faulty Brakes

Some owners notice vibration in the steering wheel when applying the brakes. This is especially prevalent in the BMW 3 series. Eventually, the steering wheel starts to move back and forth when you press the brake pedal. The cause is usually a worn wrap rotor.

We Fix Common BMW Problems

We work with BMW and other German models all the time. We’re familiar with the common issues that a regular mechanic may not be able to detect. Schedule an appointment with Northwest Import today if you notice common BMW problems plaguing your vehicle.

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