Keep Up With Minor and Major Scheduled Service on Your European Car

Minor Scheduled Services, Major Scheduled Services To keep your European car working at peak performance levels, you need to keep up with its regular maintenance schedule. The manufacturer will advise you to have work performed in two categories: minor scheduled services and major scheduled services. As a responsible owner, you’ll want to keep up with both levels of service.

Minor Scheduled Services for your European Car

When you buy a car, the owner’s manual will tell you how often you need to have the minor scheduled services performed, such as oil and filter changes. You will want to stick to this schedule; otherwise you run the risk of voiding your warranty.

Skipping your oil change can lead to other problems, too. For example, if the oil is unable to lubricate the engine and cool it properly, the engine will start running too hot. The engine will run less efficiently and its components will wear out more quickly than usual due to lack of lubrication.

If the oil is not changed over an extended time, the engine will shut down. At this point, it will need to be replace. That is a situation no car owner wants to find herself in. You are far better off to keep your appointments for minor scheduled services.

Major Scheduled Service for your European Car

The experienced technicians at Northwest Imports can perform all the major scheduled service for your European car. Consult your owner’s manual to find out which services are needed at the 30/60/90K mark. Each manufacturer will have different recommendations, depending on the type of vehicle you own; however, you will need to have the following types of service performed on your car as part of your major scheduled service:

Coolant Fluid Flush
Brake Fluid Flush
Timing Belt Replacement

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When you deal with Northwest Imports for your minor and major scheduled service for your European car, we never start work until we have reviewed the planned task with you and received your authorization. We take pride in keeping our dealings with our customers honest and clear. Our goal is to treat you like a friend and make you feel comfortable enough to want to come back for further repair and service work on your European car.

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